The Power of Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses

Bifocal glasses are able to show two different optical powers, allowing you to enjoy all outdoor activities once again without the hassle of switching glasses! For this, is the place to begin. They offer quality glasses for people who are both near and far sighted. Contrary to many beliefs, bifocals are not worn only by the elderly, but by anyone who has presbyopia (an eye-focus diminishing health condition), astigmatism (blurry vision), myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness).

Polarized sunglasses are mainly popular among boaters, fisherman and hikers with their ability to block out intense reflected light. They are not recommended for downhill skiers or pilots who are required to make fast decisions using LCD (liquid crystal display) control panels.

Polarized bifocal sunglasses have become widely popular in the last few years. Together, the combination can protect not only against road, snow and flat surface glares, but can be worn for any occasion or setting; reading inside or out, fishing, driving, walking, running, riding and even on a cloudy day with nowhere to go. Those that are light sensitive will appreciate these shades the most, especially if they are constantly on the go!

Several pairs of polarized bifocal glasses are sold at a very reasonable price. The type of glasses you want, depending on personal style or prescription, can range from small, medium and large to rimless, aviator, sport and more. For more information on bifocal sunglasses that are polarized, including prices, details, and styles, visit today.