What You Should Know Before Buying Men Prescription Sunglasses

Men prescription sunglasses are worn for protection against the eye. Due to holes in the ozone layer, the sun is becoming more and more dangerous. The ultraviolet rays including UVA and UVB rays can cause a lot of people to suffer from diseases such as skin cancer, cataracts and eye cancer. The UVA ray is responsible for causing sun damage on the skin around your eyes including liver spots, wrinkles and etc. The UVB ray is the primary contributions of sunburns and cataracts. Men should wear the sunglasses so that the harmful sunlight ray cannot directly enter their eyes. Continue reading “What You Should Know Before Buying Men Prescription Sunglasses”

Guide to Shopping for Men’s Prescription Sunglasses

Men’s prescription sunglasses are originally created to provide protection to the eyes. However, many people like to wear them as a fashion item. There are many types of sunglasses including aviator, sports, and titanium sunglasses.

Aviator men’s prescription sunglasses makes a man look macho and handsome. Many years ago, the aviator sunglasses were invented to protect the eyes of the pilot from the strong sun’s glare during the Second World War. Several celebrities have worn the aviator sunglasses in the movie including Tom Cruise. Though it is still being used by the modern pilots, it has now been made available to the public in the market. The aviator sunglasses are the primary factor that caused the government to enforce the use of sunglasses for people that work in the law enforcement office. The sunglasses protect their eyes from the daytime shifts. Aviator sunglasses use a metal frame. It is larger than the eye by 2 – 3 times. Continue reading “Guide to Shopping for Men’s Prescription Sunglasses”