Sunglasses Guide for Everyone

Sunglasses are worn by people around the world for protection against ultraviolet rays. People wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet ray is dangerous and can cause a lot of diseases to your eyes. Some of the diseases which the ultraviolet ray can cause include macular degeneration, snow blindness, pterygium, skin cancer, eye cancer, and cataract. Macular degeneration is caused by the dead cells in the macular of the retina. It occurs because of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet ray. Skin cancer can happen if you neglect to protect your skin from the ultraviolet ray. When you wear sunglasses, the skin around your eyes will be protected from the ultraviolet ray.

Sunglasses can be customized with a wide range of protective coatings including polarized, photochromatic, anti reflective and scratch resistant coatings. Polarized coating will block the sunlight and prevent it from entering your eyes. Photochromatic coating enables the lens to automatically darken when exposed to the ultraviolet ray. Anti reflective coating prevents the lens from reflecting the sunlight. Occasionally, you will find it hard to see what is ahead of you because of the reflective surface. With the anti reflective coating, you will be able to see the objects in front of you clearly. Scratch resistant coating prevents the surface of the lens from getting scratches.

When cleaning the lens, make sure you wet it with water. If the lens is dry, you should not wipe it. If you wipe the lens when it’s dry, there will be scratches on it. You only have to wet the lens with a bit of water. You can add cleaning solution to the lens. The cleaning solution that you use should be designed for the AR coated lens. Sunglasses should be cleansed daily with warm water and soap. The soap detergent that you use must be mild and not too strong. If the soap is too strong, it will cause your eyes to suffer from irritation.

Paper products should never be used to wipe the lens. Examples of paper products that cannot be used to wipe the sunglasses include paper towel, tissue paper, newspaper and etc. Paper can contaminate the surface of the lens and cause scratches. Sunglasses should be stored in protective cases when you are not wearing it.