Information about Women Prescription Sunglasses

Women’s prescription sunglasses are designed for women. It can be used for multiple purposes. It can be worn while you are driving under the hot sun. You can also wear it while you are performing a sport or strolling in the park. Unprotected eyes will be subjected to the dangerous ultra violet rays including UVA and UVB rays. Many people do not recognize the importance of the sunglasses. They prefer to soak under the sun without proper protection. The ultra violet ray will caused the skin near the eyes to aged faster. After some time, wrinkles will appear on the skin around your eyes. When you are exposed to long hours of UV ray, you can suffer from diseases such as skin cancer, cataract and etc.

Women’s prescription sunglasses are available in several styles and mirrored finishes. The mirrored sunglasses can be tinted in a variety of colors including amber, copper and vermillion.

Polarized women’s prescription sunglasses offer the clearest vision for women that are constantly under the bright sun. The polarized lens is made from several sheets of polycarbonate plastic. In the past, polarized lens have a layered effect. Due to the bulky lens, the manufacturers use the crosshatching effect to mold it into a single sheet. The placement prevents the light from penetrating through the lens. Polarized lenses are about 50% lighter than plastic lens.

The mirrored lens can easily get scratches and cause your sunglasses to last for a shorter period of time. The mirrored sunglass should be kept in a safe place when you are not using it. Normally, the sunglass purchase includes a hard case, which contains a linen cloth. You can store the sunglass in the hard case to prevent it from becoming vulnerable to the scratches. You should check the label to make sure that it is 100% protected by the UV ray. The label on the sunglasses should mention that it has a UV protection level of 400. If you want impact resistance sunglass, you should buy one with a wraparound style.

During the holiday season, the online stores will offer a lot of discounts. Depending on the store, the prices of the sunglasses will be reduced by 30 – 50%. If you want to buy cheap women’s prescription sunglasses, you should visit the store at this moment. You can grab this opportunity to buy as many sunglasses as you need. However, you are advised not buy too many sunglasses because they will cause you to waste money. It is best to stick with a budget so that you can save money.