Guide to Shopping for Men’s Prescription Sunglasses

Men’s prescription sunglasses are originally created to provide protection to the eyes. However, many people like to wear them as a fashion item. There are many types of sunglasses including aviator, sports, and titanium sunglasses.

Aviator men’s prescription sunglasses makes a man look macho and handsome. Many years ago, the aviator sunglasses were invented to protect the eyes of the pilot from the strong sun’s glare during the Second World War. Several celebrities have worn the aviator sunglasses in the movie including Tom Cruise. Though it is still being used by the modern pilots, it has now been made available to the public in the market. The aviator sunglasses are the primary factor that caused the government to enforce the use of sunglasses for people that work in the law enforcement office. The sunglasses protect their eyes from the daytime shifts. Aviator sunglasses use a metal frame. It is larger than the eye by 2 – 3 times.

If you are an athlete, you can wear the sports men’s prescription sunglasses. People who enjoy the outdoor activities can get a prescription sport sunglasses. The sport sunglasses are designed to be resistant against all kinds of impacts. Sports sunglasses have a wraparound to reduce the shock impacts. Another prominent feature of the sports sunglasses is that they are heavily curved. Heavily curved sunglasses tend to distort the vision of the wearer. Despite that, the manufacturers have solve this problem by using enhanced technology to create lens that will cause minimum distortion.

Titanium men’s prescription sunglasses are made from durable metal called titanium. The titanium sunglasses are not corrosive towards the abrasions. Men that are allergy to other types of metal composition can purchase the titanium sunglasses. Titanium can corrode if it is contact with the sweat. The non corrosive material protects the sunglass from becoming worn out if you keep on sweating under the hot sun.

Many stores don’t include insurance coverage for the men’s prescription sunglass. Most insurance companies will cover the damage cost in the event that your sunglass is damaged. Some optical stores offer free insurance for the sunglass. You have to ask the store whether it offers insurance for your sunglass. If you are shopping at the online store, it should be stated on the homepage or the product page. If not, you can check the customer service section. If you still couldn’t find it, there is a high possibility that it don’t offer free insurance coverage for the sunglasses.